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A Christian ministry that helps churches make room for young people to grow in faith.

Spaces groups support the intentional discipleship of young people, helping them become more like Jesus. Spaces gives young people room to:
Engage with the Christian Faith
Explore what the Bible reveals about their identity and purpose
Encounter Jesus, and acknowledge Him as their Saviour
Expand His kingdom by stepping into everything that God has planned for them

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Designed to help your...

Spaces will help your church develop and activate an accessible strategy for discipling young people with practical guidance. We will:

  • help demonstrate your commitment to young people
  • support your youth team every step of the way
  • encourage your young people to participate fully in the life of their church

Spaces will help youth leaders grow in confidence and develop their ability to disciple young people. We will:

  • provide training that is both practical and inspiring
  • provide a simple framework with engaging and relevant content for your Spaces meetings
  • give you access to a learning community of like-minded youth workers

Spaces will help young people engage with the Christian faith in a way that is relevant to them but always puts Jesus at the centre of their lives. We will:

  • not shy away from discussing difficult topics
  • help young people develop a resilient faith
  • equip young people to make a difference in the world

Shared resources, inspiration and comprehensive support to help you.

Join an inspiring initiative and journey alongside diverse churches committed to nurturing young individuals in their journey to emulate Jesus.
Beyond short-term programs, Spaces grants access to a framework for weekly meetings, a curated mix of resources, leader training modules and a supportive learning community. Additionally, you will receive administrative and safeguarding guidance, a branding package, and recommendations for creating inviting venues for young people.
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