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Spaces ethos

At the heart of the Spaces ethos is intentional discipleship, delivered in a small group setting.

Spaces groups are unashamedly faith focused and are designed to offer young people (boys and girls) aged 10-18 a regularly opportunity to meet with Jesus and grow in their faith through discussion, encounter and practical application. They are part of the ministry of the local church and lead by ‘facilitators’ from the church who are equipped to journey with young people.

Spaces ethos

Providing space for young people to engage with faith at a deeper level

Spaces groups are dedicated to providing the essential space and time for authentic conversations. Within these small groups, young individuals can wrestle with challenging questions and explore their Christian faith more profoundly. Through these engaging sessions, a resilient faith is cultivated, instilling confidence in sharing beliefs with peers. Spaces groups support the intentional discipleship of young people, helping them become more like Jesus.
Spaces ethos

Empowering Churches to nurture their young people

Our vision is to provide comprehensive support that consolidates leader training and discipleship resources, saving valuable time and conserving church resources. Continuous support fosters a culture of church-wide discipleship for spiritual growth. Integrated seamlessly with other facets of the church’s ministry, Spaces demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the safe, spiritual development of young people, affirming their significance and the church’s genuine care.

“Join an inspiring initiative and journey alongside diverse churches committed to nurturing young individuals in their journey to emulate Jesus.”

Become part of an exciting journey

Starting this dynamic journey allows you to connect with like-minded churches and develop enduring relationships with young individuals. It’s an opportunity to enhance support for your church while being equipped with trusted resources and proven practices developed by the established ministry of The Boys’ Brigade.